Adventures at Harlow Carr Gardens

Today we have had a great trip to Harlow Carr Gardens to support our learning about plants in science.  In the morning we had a plant workshop.  We found out about the different parts of a flower and their roles.  After that we played a team game, where we pretended to be bees pollinating flowers.  Then we took a stroll round the gardens and collected different parts of the flowers to add to a ‘scrap book’ page.  When we got back to the classroom we labelled the different parts that we had found.

We enjoyed lunch in the lodge, before heading back out to explore the gardens in our groups.  Surprisingly, we found the playground and I was really impressed with the team game of hide and seek tig that the children decided to play!  What a fabulous day.  Well done Year 3!

RSPB Visit

The class enjoyed a visit from the RSPB on Tuesday.  We found out lots of information about the work they do.  We explored the school grounds to carry out a ‘Bio Blitz’ and spotted a Red Kite, millipedes, woodlice, ladybirds and snails (to name but a few!)




What a fabulous first week back after the holidays.  The class have really enjoyed our work on volcanoes.  We have used fact files to help us find out about different volcanoes, found out about tectonic plates and the ‘ring of fire!’

Ophelia worked really hard over the holidays to make a volcano.  The rest of the class were very impressed when they saw it and even more impressed when they realised it would actually erupt! We ventured outside for this much anticipated event…First, Ophelia poured in the bicarbonate of soda and some food colouring.  Then she added some vinegar. If you look at the photos you can see what happened next!  Thank you Ophelia.

Observational Drawing

In the Art Studio today the children enjoyed creating some observational drawings of a violin.  Mrs Johnston used the iPad to take photos and demonstrate what the violin looked like from the views of different children and how to only draw what could be seen! Well done!