Another Busy Week.

First I must apologise for having no photos this week. I left my iPad at homeūüė¨. However we have still been very busy in the cafe!

Tuesday saw a ‘pass it on’ demonstration of delicious onion bhajis.

On Wednesday a group of children from 3DC made fruit crumbles and sold them on the playground. Were you a lucky customer?

Then on Thursday some of the students from 4DM used some of the ‘fuel for schools’ food to make Collcanon for their class mates. A traditional Irish recipe, using potatoes, cabbage and onions, it was enjoyed by the majority of Mr Moore’s class.

This morning we served coffee and tea both before Ahmed’s ¬†assembly and for the open day of our September intake. Finally 4CC made jam tarts for their celebration event next Friday. They each made their own pastry and filled the tarts with plum jam made from the plums picked in our own orchard. A treat to look forward too.



What a fabulous first week back after the holidays. ¬†The class have really enjoyed our work on volcanoes. ¬†We have used fact files to help us find out about different volcanoes, found out about tectonic plates and the ‘ring of fire!’

Ophelia worked really hard over the holidays to make a volcano. ¬†The rest of the class were very impressed when they saw it and even more impressed when they realised it would actually erupt! We ventured outside for this much anticipated event…First, Ophelia poured in the bicarbonate of soda and some food colouring. ¬†Then she added some vinegar. If you look at the photos you can see what happened next! ¬†Thank you Ophelia.

Observational Drawing

In the Art Studio today the children enjoyed creating some observational drawings of a violin.  Mrs Johnston used the iPad to take photos and demonstrate what the violin looked like from the views of different children and how to only draw what could be seen! Well done!

Experimenting with colour mixing and brush strokes

In the latest part of ‘The Ice Palace’ the villagers are celebrating with a feast and an enormous fire has been lit. In the Art Studio today we studied a range of pictures created by artists, which were inspired by fire. ¬†The children then experimented with mixing colours and creating their own ‘fire’ paintings. Niamh turned her brush upside down and used the other end to mark make in the paint! Ophelia had a very effective (but messy) splattering technique!

Drama in the Art Studio!

Today we have been working with Mrs Johnston in the Art Studio. We listen to the next part of our class novel ‘The Ice Palace’ where Ivan could hear a fiddle playing and found himself at the top of a hill, looking down on a village with lots of excited children preparing for a feast! Year 3 DC enjoyed acting out the scene and participating in a ‘hot seating’ activity.


Today the class have enjoyed finding out all about violins. ¬†We listened and watched a violin playing as part of an orchestra and read a piece of writing about a violin. ¬†If there were any words that the children didn’t understand as they were reading, they wrote them down. ¬†To help clarify their meaning we listened to each others explanations and used a dictionary to help. ¬†In art we watched a video about how to draw a violin and had great fun drawing our own!